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Bio Innovation SA

Bio Innovation SA

“Oconics provides all the IT support for our two sites, our head office at King William Street, Adelaide, and the BioSA Business Incubator at Thebarton, which is the only dedicated biotechnology incubator in Australia. Oconics is one of the few IT service providers that have their genesis within the biotechnology industry itself. They have a really tight understanding of the particular requirements of our sector, both the physical requirements and the regulatory requirements faced by biotechnology companies. I started talking to Oconics when we commenced  the design brief for the incubator in 2006. It’s a measure of their success that they’re still working for me. With Oconics, we achieve efficiencies by talking to people who understand what our outcome needs to be. Quite simply, it’s in-depth sector knowledge. You can have a one-hour briefing meeting with Oconics, say “this is what I want to achieve” and they go away and do it.”

Greg Hall, Director, Biotechnology Infrastructure


BioSA fosters the growth of the South Australian bioscience industry.  The BioSA team is dedicated to providing world-class infrastructure, high-level business advice and expertise, financial assistance, marketing and communication services to support the growth of our thriving bioscience industry. Since the establishment of BioSA, the number of bioscience companies in South Australia has doubled.  Approximately 100 bioscience companies currently operate in SA, employing more than 1700 people and generating about $282 million in revenue.